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No damage from Biden’s poor performance for Democrats


While the president’s approval rating is plummeting, Democratic approval ratings are soaring across the country in spite of the president’s declining approval rating.



Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Joe Biden is very unpopular. His party ranks don’t want him running for reelection. In fact, the outlook for other Democrats has been improving before the fall’s midterm election. 

While President Trump’s approval ratings are declining, Democrats have seen an overall increase in their numbers. Numerous polls have shown that Democrats outnumber Republicans only by a slight margin when it comes to the “generic voter” question. This poll asks Americans if they would prefer to see Republicans running Congress or Democrats.

This is only a general indicator. It does not mean that the party with the most support will win the election. If a Democratic candidate is running in a red congressional District, they won’t be able to overcome historical trends or party registration disadvantages. 

The Supreme Court decision on abortion will have a significant impact on the election season for Democrats this year. However, Democrats’ prospects look slightly brighter despite Biden’s dire outlook.

Lee Miringoff is the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. He stated that “One observation here is that there’s really a separation between presidential status voting for Congress” and that Biden was at 41% disapproval and 40% approval.

The generic ballot asked voters whether they would vote for the Democrat from their district. Democrats received 48%. Republicans received 41 %. Compared to Marist’s April Poll where the GOP won with 44% support to 41% for the Democrats. 

Similar trends were also evident in other polling. A Morning Consult poll from earlier this month found that Biden’s approval rating was at 40%. But, 46% more people said they would vote for a Democrat (compared to 42% who said they would vote for Republican candidates. 

Miringoff stated that the division does not end with Biden’s presidency. Miringoff noted that Donald Trump was ahead of Republican congressional candidates in 2020.

This was due to Trump’s decline in enthusiasm.

Analysts believe that Biden’s problems stem mainly from high inflation and falling gas prices. Marist’s June survey revealed that 78% more Democrats felt motivated to vote than 54% of Republicans. 


Kyle Kondik is the managing director of Sabato’s Crystal Ball, an independent newsletter about politics at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. He says that “the abortion question throws a lot of uncertainty out there.” 

In 2012 Todd Akin, a GOP Senate Candidat in Missouri, was defeated after he claimed that pregnancy doesn’t occur following “legitimate sexual abuse.” Claire McCaskill won the election despite Missouri’s political red hue.

A story about a boy who forced a girl to travel to another state to have an abortion. Miringoff says this has increased the stakes. Miringoff also states that Miringoff forced Miringoff to take Miringoff to another state for an abortion. 

Kondik believes that there could be problems with the selection of candidates. While Republicans are the favorite to regain control, candidates from the GOP for the Senate are having trouble in states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. 

Kondik claims that there is a push and pull between the environment, individual candidates, and the candidate. Georgia’s GOP candidate Herschel Walk claimed that he had a dry mist that could kill Coronavirus. He now answers questions about children that he did not know about and expresses concern about the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. 

Sen. Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) is currently in trouble against an undecided Democratic rival. Even before it was disclosed that his office tried to present a list of Trump electors in the House, this is still true. It was later revealed that Biden had received the slate.

Biden is in serious political trouble, but will not be forced to deal with it until 2024, if ever. The collateral damage that Democrats will inflict on this fall is less severe.  


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